RISC OS 6.20 (Select 6i1) in the wild


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Allegedly. Information seems to be pretty thin on the ground for non-subscribers, but CDs have apparently been mailed, and drobe.co.uk is hosting some screenshots.

We can see the filer has a toolbar addition that make it more like file managers on other systems, which is an interesting addition. I'm guessing it also has keyboard shortcuts too, but I don't know for sure.

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From what I can tell, CDs were mailed towards the middle of last week. One arrived on my doormat on Friday.

Keyboard shortcuts were added in the first versions of RISC OS 6 last year.

The toolbars are plugins, which can be turned on or off or added as needed. The readme file says that documentation for developers to write their own plugins are to be hosted on the ROL website, but I can't see any there at present (although ROL's site is an absolute mess, so I could just not be looking on the correct page).


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Oh, I probably should have noted above, the CD and release is labelled as "Select 6i1".


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More Pics seen at


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