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Well, it's not quite Christmas yet, but I have some other projects to complete, so here it is early.

Unfortunately, most of the user suggestions, although compelling, were mostly not immediately practical. I thought it would be interesting to discuss all the suggestions, and then we'll come to what actually was updated.

The original article has suggestions in the comments, and there was a thread on


The Suggestions that didn't work out does have an older port of Wesnoth, but the latest version, and fillets-ng require a proper port of fontconfig that integrates with the RISC OS font system. This is also the blocker on GTK2 applications, which normally depend upon pango and cairo and tie into fontconfig. This is also related to the prevention of an immediate Firefox 3.6 port. This probably isn't terribly hard, but it could be quite a bit of work.

  • Scorched3D, FreeOrion, other 3D and some 2D games

3D games almost exclusively rely on OpenGL (Mesa), and at the moment we don't have a working port. IyonixMesa does not work on latest versions of RISC OS 5, and I haven't yet been able to compile even a software version of the Mesa libraries, which might make some of these games playable.

pingus makes use of a new build system, scons, but I have yet to figure out have to properly configure it for cross compiling (although not for lack of trying - the manual/wiki is incomplete), so I didn't get very far with it. Hopefully in the future.

I played this a bit on my fast Linux box, but I found it wanting. After a certain number of units are added, the gameplay slows to an unusable speed, and overall, the game isn't that polished. This is something that is worth a revisit in 6 months. I didn't attempt a RISC OS port.

What made it

Some of these you may have already seen updates for, or read about in previous news items:

  • Open Transport Tycoon - I updated the port in November, but this is a further update, which no longer requires the separate data files, and makes use of entirely free sound and graphics files.
  • ScummVM - This was updated earlier in the month to the latest release.
  • Freeciv got an update back in November.
  • Maze Of Galious got a port as suggested, although it's just a bit too slow to be playable on my Iyonix. This could do with some investigation, since there's no good reason for it. I also ported Legend of Edgar, however that proved to be even slower, so I haven't released that yet.

Also of Note

  • We did some work on an update of the 2005 port of AlephOne (Marathon engine), to bring it up to date with the 2009 version, but there's still some filename issues with it. Hopefully this will work soon.
  • Xconq is still causing problems, due to unknown issues with the Tk/Tcl port. Again, hopefully soon.
  • There are also minor updates to Defendguid, GemdropX, Rockdodger and xu4, either do to minor upstream updates, or because I found that some files weren't being built optimised. Some of these are not yet uploaded.

Problems and Bugs will shortly have a complete bug reporting system, which should be the target for reporting any problems with any of these ports (or anything else on More soon.


I should note that although these games look like developments superficial to "serious" RISC OS development, and even though many RISC OS users aren't interested in games (although a great many are), there is actually considerable incidental benefit to other ports going on.

Also, for anyone wanting to try their hand at porting, games are generally the place to start, since they usually have the fewest issues to get working on RISC OS (despite examples to the contrary here).

Enjoy. Merry Christmas.

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