GCCSDK GCC 4.1.1 Release 2


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We're happy to announce GCCSDK GCC 4.1.1 Release 2, a port of the GCC 4.1.1 C and C++ compiler using binutils 2.17 for RISC OS as cross-compiler and also as native RISC OS compiler.

The highlights of this release are:

  • The use of shared libraries.
  • AsAsm, the 'simple assembler' originally written by Niklas Röjemo and formally known as 'as'. Now with improved ObjAsm syntax compatibility and can be used for assembling legacy Acorn ARM assembler and ObjAsm files with ELF output.
  • Possibility to create RISC OS modules without the need to use the SharedCLibrary.
  • Small and not so small bug fixes.
  • Available as RiscPkg packages.

You can find the download instructions here and further information on GCCSDK home page.

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Thanks to yourself and the team for their continued work on this.

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