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Many IYONIX pc users woke this morning to find that the year was thought to be 2012. Unfortunately, the Iyonix support mailing list post on the matter rapidly degraded into a particularly long thread with no real attempt to understand the issue or what kind of fix might be required, but lots of discussion about work arounds, and the ineffectiveness thereof.

I haven't checked out the issue yet myself, but Vince Hudd has a proper analysis of the problem. The evidence is that this is probably a RISC OS 5 bug, perhaps specific to the IYONIX and its real-time clock interaction.

Hopefully someone at ROOL can shortly give something more definitive.

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CheckYear in the kernel seems to be at fault, which assumes a Philips hardware clock chip is present whereas the Iyonix uses a Dallas device that stores the year in different format.

See: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/comp.sys.acorn.programmer/msg/78a7693f263aad52

(Hat tip to Adrian Lees for pulling out the datasheets to explain this)

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  Work in progress

Castle are now working on an official RISC OS 5.15 release for the IYONIX pc which will address the bug and add a number of other improvements and fixes which have been made since the 5.14 release.

See http://www.riscosopen.org/news/articles/2010/01/05/iyonix-pc-2012-date-problem

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