RISC OS Touchbook port proceeds


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Using the BeagleBoard port as a basis, at least one developer now has his Always Innovating Touchbook, and work is underway to trying and get RISC OS running on it.

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  Developer? Do you mean me???

If it's me with the TouchBook that you mean, then I don't think I'd class myself as a developer!

Maybe if I find the time, and focus, I could be. But my ARM skills were never great plus they are very rusty, and I've never got on with C. So at the moment I'm just testing out stuff from Jeffrey and co.

There was a lot of interest at Monday's ROUGOL meeting, although it was only running Linux then. I will be bringing it along to next month's SASAUG meeting on Monday 8th Feb for anyone who wants a play, by which time it might be running RISC OS - fingers crossed :-)

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