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From the RISC OS Open CVS logs, we can see at a fix for the Iyonix 2012 problem has been committed, to be included in a 5.16 version of RISC OS. The current development version is 5.15.

It's understood that this is the fix suggested by Adrian Lees. This CVS change was passed on by Chris Williams.

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  Next RISC OS release

Hi. Work is still on-going with the next official release of RISC OS - which will be called 5.16. The development builds have now already moved on to 5.17 to reflect the fact that 5.16 is a freeze of things as they are. We expect to make the official 5.16 release in the next few days.

From now on, official releases of RISC OS will have an even version number (5.16, 5.18, etc) and development versions - alpha and beta releases - will have odd version numbers (5.17, 5.19, etc).

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