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I checked in with the two online RISC OS magazines about when their next issue might be.

  • Martin Hansen's RISCOScode is currently displaying the "Autumn 2009" edition from October. Martin tells me that there will be no Winter edition, but the next issue will be in March/April. His aim is to cover stuff to mentioned elsewhere, and that it will continue to be free.
  • Paul Stewart's Drag 'n Drop has its first edition available for 2.30 GBP also from October, with a sample download. Paul didn't immediately respond to a query about when the next version would be available, but did apparently update the site in response to give a specific date of January 26th.

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  Drag n Drop at ROUGOL

Paul Stewart will be showing off the new issue of Drag n Drop at next month's ROUGOL meeting on 15th February.

Useful for those who don't like buying it online, and a chance to ask the editor how (and why!) he produces it.

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