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  • Fat32FS, which allows access to devices larger than 2GB on IYONIX pcs has been updated to fix minor bugs.
  • VirtualAcorn and Archive magazine, are offering the guide, "VirtualRPC in Use" for free download, based upon articles published in Archive Magazine.

And in a confusing statement from RCI, they are offering multi-display for RISC OS on RISCCubes:

    "In what we believe to be a first for RISC OS, we can drive two or even
    three flat screen monitors over analogue, DVI-digital or HDMI

Which might be true with a charitable reading of that statement, but in practice ignores ViewFinder and Geminus multi-display support (conversion between VGA/DVI/HDMI can often be done with cheap adapters). RCI's statement doesn't mention pricing, or other specific details, and details weren't obviously in evidence on their website either.

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