RISC OS 5.16 for Iyonix released


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Today, RISC OS Open Limited have released version 5.16 of their version of RISC OS, as both a softload and a flash programmer tool for the Iyonix.

ROOL also announced that future releases of RISC OS 5 will use even numbers for the minor version number, with development versions using odd numbers. Therefore, the next release of RISC OS 5 will be version 5.18.

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That announcement now includes a list of changes. I have flashed 5.16 OK, and at least don't see anything I didn't see in 5.15.

Don't forget that in order to get the 2012 time fix, you must flash. And don't forget to remove any time hacks/workarounds, otherwise you may get a nasty surprise in future.

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