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The winter edition of Paul Stewart's RISC OS magazine, Drag 'n Drop is now available for purchase.

Before you take the plunge, you might want to check out the sample download. Although we give Paul points for effort, it unfortunately contains some idiosyncratic formatting which make it difficult to read. This includes left-aligned text instead of fully-justified, horizontally stretched advertisements, and an oddly-trimmed NetSurf icon.

Anyway, he has another article on sorting (the 3rd apparently, despite it being the 2nd issue), coverage of RISC OS 6, various retro 8-bit items and other columns.

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  Drag 'n Drip layout

The adverts were agreed last minute and were in A4 format, which the magazine no longer is. I decided to stretch them because they looked better that way. I will work with RComp to hopefully ensure if they place an advert in the next issue, that they are in the correct page size. Same applies for the Retro Software advert.

In reference to it the colunmns not being fully justified, this is down to personal preference. I am not always a fan of the fully justified columns. Hence the reason for them being left justified.

Paul Stewart
Drag 'n Drop

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  Drag 'n Drop at ROUGOL

Paul will be at ROUGOL this Monday (15th Feb) to talk about the production of Drag n Drop. See for details.

Your chance to give feedback, and hand over some cash for a copy!


PS. I tried to add this info to the events calendar but couldn't see how to do it.

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