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IRC, or Internet Relay Chat has been around a long time. It predates MSN, Yahoo! chat and all those other "modern" char protocols. It's basically a server with a whole bunch of channels which can be joined allowing you to talk to others on various topics.

Acorn and RISC OS users have been on various IRC networks and channels for a long time, but these days, you can find us on #riscos on IRCNet. To do this, you'll need a client. There are numerous ones for other systems, and many for RISC OS too. One of the best is perhaps Thomas Olsson's Lirc, but there isn't a proper 32-bit version right now. For newer machines, there's Cretin instead.

IRCNet can be a bit tricky to get onto, I suggest ircnet.choopa.net as a server to connect to.

So, if you have a question about RISC OS, or just want to chat, check us out on the #riscos channel.

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It's worth pointing out that Lirc works perfectly well under Aemulor. IIRC it is only the SlotMachine module which needs to be Aemulated.

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