RISC OS Head licence to be published


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In a usenet posting, a representative of RISCOS Ltd (presumably Paul Middleton, judging by the style) mentions that "The RISCOS Ltd / Element 14 Head Licence Agreement was drawn up from a Heads of Agreement between the two parties and we will shall publishing that document in the next few days".

Confusingly, he states that:

"Anyone else trying to interpret the contract will not know the original parties (sic) intentions and will have a far harder time trying to challenge a contract to which they were not a party"
And then:
"it is drawn up in very simple terms which will help those of you who make claims about the alleged ambiguity of the Head Licence Agreement easily understand it."

And whilst I'm sure it'll be interesting, I doubt it will resolve much - too much else has happened since, including attempts at other agreements, which have differing view points.

The real question for ROL at this point is what it would like to do to move RISC OS forward from this, without continuing to spread ill-feeling.

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  RE: RISC OS Head licence to be published

Its publication is likely to fuel further questioning at the forthcoming RISC OS South West show 2010.

But hopefully someone will also pose your question about moving forward.

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  I think he meant just the Heads of Agreement document

That's how I read it, anyway.

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