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On usenet, and in some private discussions, I've been trying to encourage various parties in the endless RISCOS Ltd/Castle/ROOL/etc debate to try and move forward from the endless bad feelings and arguments that pervade any such discussion, and what kind of things parties might want or be willing to give up to come to an agreement.

Now, I'm not so naive as to think this will be simple, or even that I might be the best person to ask such questions, but someone needs to, and RISC OS users can help.

This is particular of relevance to RISCOS Ltd, because for reasons I pointed out in this posting, it will become increasingly less relevant to RISC OS in general this year because of ROOL-related developments - unless of course, it wishes to do something about that.

I appreciate that the SW Show is a relatively small affair, but it might give you a chance to talk to some of the exhibitors - be insistent, but be polite - ask what kinds of things might be done to improve the RISC OS situation, or at least to think about the matter. Consider it a warm up for the Wakefield show in April, when you might want to hope for firmer answers.

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