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Version 0.70 of PrintPDF has been released. The utility automates the process of creating PDF documents from RISC OS applications using GhostScript. In conjunction with a dedicated PostScript printer driver in !Printers, it allows a 'PDF printer' to be set up. Printing to this will open a Create PDF dialogue box, from which the conversion options can be set and the new PDF dragged to a place on disc.

Although something of an "interim" version, 0.70 adds the ability to set PDF document information: document title, subject, author and search keywords. Readers of the finished document will find these in the Document Properties or Document Info sections of their PDF viewer, and the title is often shown in the document window's titlebar -- the latter making the uninspired default option rather obvious in documents created in previous versions of PrintPDF.

PrintPDF is released as Freeware; more information and copies to download can be found at

As development is currently ongoing, feedback and/or bug reports from anyone trying the new release would be welcomed.

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