Beagleboard XM expected in June 2010


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Production of the forthcoming new BeagleBoard design (referred to as xM - extra memory and megaherz) is expected in June 2010. It is reported to include the following:

  • on-board USB hub with 10/100 Ethernet port and 4no. USB ports
  • 1Ghz DM3730 SoC (nearly identical to and fully software compatible with OMAP3630)
  • 512MB DRAM
  • microSD socket (push-push type, as used in some digital cameras etc.)
  • on-board NAND flash removed
  • expansion and LCD headers populated with connectors
  • addition of camera port
  • still no direct VGA connection possible
  • serial connection via DB-9 connector rather than IDC header
  • slight increase in board size, although mounting holes and expansion header locations are to be maintained

It's expected to be exhibited at the Embedded Systems Conference in Chicago (June 7-9). TI are understood to be offering "hands-on xM classes" at their BeagleBoard workshop.

Whether there will be a subsequent price reduction in the current rev.C4 boards remains to be seen.


Threads 37
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(Forgot to include that although both the 3630 and 3530 are have Cortex-A8 cores, I for one don't know what RISC OS compatibility issues there may be.)

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Ooooh, looks juicy. You wouldn't fool a poor community, would you?

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Quote:Swirlythingy 13:33 1st April 2010
You wouldn't fool a poor community, would you?

Perish the thought! I even waited until after midday... although evidently forgot we're on BST.

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Hmm. Shame they couldn't find a way to interface a SATA controller to the thing. Still, looks like a solid improvement over the existing Beagle.

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Excellent, I think the beagleboard work is absolutely essential for the future of the OS, I think the situation would continue to deteriorate if new hardware were not available or on the horizon.

My only complaint with the beagleboard is that due to the popularity there is quite a wait time on getting one, although I think for the price the rev C is excellent value.

Threads 37
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  Head on over to c.s.a.hardware

Now cross-posted to c.s.a.hardware for further discussion. Cheers.

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