RISC OS London Show - Sat 23 Oct 2010


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The RISC OS London Show 2010 will be held on Saturday 23 October 2010 at St Giles Hotel, Hounslow Road, Feltham, TW14 9AD. This is near Heathrow airport and is the same venue as the 2009 show. The new details on the show website confirm information recently published in Archive magazine.

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  Thanks for the plug!

Thanks trev! I should have put this up myself but haven't quite been on the ball with organising stuff recently.

Hence no speaker yet announced for next weeks ROUGOL meeting :-(

So if anyone wants to volunteer to give a talk/demo of anything RISC OS related next Monday (17th), please get in touch :-)

Email address on the website http://rougol.jellybaby.net/


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Quote:Helpful 17:49 10th May 2010


No problem. As per point 2 of our Bristol plan, I hope to attend one of your meetings some time... but it won't be next week. Hope you get something suitable arranged for that one!

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Yay, we have Michael Emerton demonstrating his Music Library Player software at Monday's ROUGOL meeting!


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