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Christian Ludlam has been in contact with us, and riscos.info now hosts his collection of StrongHelp manuals. We will have more information on these as the wiki gets updated.

The StrongHelp manuals have been a popular reference for all kinds of information, especially to programmers in the past, being a complement or alternative to the Programmer's Reference Manuals.

We expect in future that the RISCOS Open wiki will provide a more complete and useful reference for some of this use, but for the time being, we are glad that the StrongHelp manuals are still available.

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What a great idea! Thanks very much, both Christian and Peter.

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Excellent news indeed! I'm glad somebody's managed to find this valuable resource a new home!

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Great, riscos.info is a really good central resource, and only getting better Keep up the good work!

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I hate to be pedantic but ... compliment ?

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Quote:Justice 18:52 22nd May 2010

I hate to be pedantic

Well don't be then

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  Tabulated list suggestion

Discussion of possibly linking to the manuals from a tabulated list is on the Talk:StrongHelp page, for anyone who's interested.

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