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This is a reminder to let you know that this Saterday, 29th may 2010, the RISC OS eXperience 2010 will be held in Koog aan de Zaan, Netherlands.

The following companies will attend:

  • RISC OS Ltd
  • RISC OS Open Ltd
  • R-Comp
  • Archive

Also our sister club RISCOS.Be will be here again.

There will also be a number of presentations:

  • John Tytgat will talk about the gcc sdk project
  • Paul Middleton from RISC OS Ltd
  • Steve Revel from RISC OS Open Ltd

For more information see our website http://www.bigbenclub.nl/bbc/rox2010/que_uk.html

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This is promising to be a great show. If you weren't previously planning to go, why not check out the trains and planes now!

Can next year's show please be timed to coincide with a UK bank holiday again?

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I have to apologize to Steve Revill for miss spelling his name.

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I've added my GCCSDK presentation which I gave at eXperience 2010. It's in Dutch but I guess English speaking people can pickup the topics I've touched.

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