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Over the weekend of 19th-20th June, Bletchley Park will be hosting the Vintage Computer Festival:

There will be a separate Acorn World room where you can see Atoms, BBCs, Domesday systems, etc. This thread has more details:

ROUGOL have a stand to fly the RISC OS flag. We'll have a RiscPC, A4, A9, RPCemu, and something looking rather like a Phoebe.

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This looks very interesting, including the planned line-up of speakers!

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  RISC OS Open

This weekend, RISC OS Open will be attending the Acorn World part of Britain’s largest celebration of vintage computing: the Vintage Computing Festival in Bletchley Park from 19th-20th June 2010.

We will be proving that RISC OS is still alive and well with a range of demonstrations, including:

  • RISC OS on the Beagle Board
  • RISC OS under emulation
  • Future RISC OS hardware platforms (Touch Book)

Come along and find out what all of the fuss is about! You can also help support the cause and pick up some ROOL merchandise, including:

  • Mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Show CDs with the latest software and sources
  • Developer tools

The Acorn World section is supported by the RISC OS User Group of London.

Threads 37
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And, judging by this comment, RISC OS is appealing to a younger audience!

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