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I'm pleased to finally announce the release of PrintPDF version 0.80. Originally intended for display at Wakefield 2010, it's only a few months overdue.

New in this version is the Bookmark Editor, allowing simple sets of bookmarks to be created and added to PDF documents created using PrintPDF. The editor allows these to be saved to disc and then reloaded as required: the bookmarks for a complex DTP document could be saved alongside the Impression or Ovation Pro original, for example. Full support is provided for nesting bookmarks, although at present only a target page can be specified (as opposed to a location on a page, which may appear in a future update).

Even more than with earlier PrintPDF releases, version 0.08 is still a test version and I am very keen to get feedback from users in time to squash bugs before next weekend's Midsummer MUG Show. For the time being version 0.71 also remains available for download from my website.

For those who haven't come across it before, PrintPDF is a utility to automate the process of creating PDF documents from RISC OS applications using GhostScript. In conjunction with a dedicated PostScript printer driver in !Printers, it allows a 'PDF printer' to be set up. Printing to this will open a Create PDF dialogue box, from which the conversion options (quality, PDF version and encryption/protection settings alongside the new document info text) can be set and the new PDF dragged to a place on disc.

PrintPDF is released as Freeware. For more information, and to download copies of the latest version, visit

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  Bookmarking is Ace

It has to be said. A big thankyou to Steve for continuing to update PrintPDF. Bookmarking is fantastic and having attended is presentation at the MUG Midsummer show, I found out about a feature that has been available for ages, the ability to Queue postscript files. This offers great flexibility when creating a single PDF file from multiple sources.

Fantastic program.

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  0.85 is now out

For completeness, I can now announce that version 0.85 is available for download from

For those who bought discs with 0.84 at the MUG Show, 0.85 is functionally the same except that bookmark files can be dragged to the Create PDF dialogue to load them and set them as the bookmarks for that conversion (removing the need to select them from the menu). Thanks to Paul (I think) for that suggestion.

Users of older versions are encouraged to upgrade: there have been bug fixes!

And thanks to those who bought CDs at the show. The MUG's favoured charity, Tools with a Mission, was £35 better off at the end of the day because of you.

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