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The next meeting of the RISC OS User Group Of London is on Monday 19th July 2010.

Ben Avison from RISC OS Open Ltd will be demonstrating and answering questions about the progress of the RISC OS Open branch of RISC OS 5.

We hope to have RISC OS 5 running on the following:

  • several Beagleboards, including at least one in a shiny case :-)
  • RPCemu, probably on Linux and Windows
  • RiscPC

For more info - http://www.rougol.jellybaby.net/

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Bryan - if you and Ben have the time to discuss the possibility of TI's Jason Kridner attending your show in October (and Jeffrey Lee too, as you suggested) it might be worthwhile.

Further to JK's reply which I forwarded to you on 2 June, I've not hassled him further. I was planning to ask whether he's been approved for travel once the BB-xM is out and RISC OS is working on it. Cheers.

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