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ROOL are seeking developers to adopt specific tasks in order to continue improving Castle Technology's RISC OS 5. Since 2009, Jeffrey Lee has devoted a great deal of his spare time to the open source RISC OS 5 project. This work has been helped by a number of other equally generous developers, whose discussions can be followed in the ROOL forum.

As the ROOL news item states:

We are close to a point where we can say one flavour of the OS, RISC OS 5, can run on most of the current platforms: Beagle Board, IYONIX pc, RiscPC, A7000 and emulation.

Note that, as well running on the Beagle Board and related platforms (e.g. IGEPv2 and DevKit8000), RO5 now also works on the RiscPC and runs under emulation.

A list of planned tasks has been available since October 2009. ROOL have now drawn up a list of "work packages", which they've included in the RISC OS Roadmap. They say that cash could be available as an incentive (paid "under a fairly formal contractual basis"), although unfortunately not paid at commercial rates. They also refer to a potential future "get-together of interested parties".

So if you have the skills and are interested in doing some of this work, get in touch!

RISC OS 5 has certainly come a long way over the past 18 months, and the "free RISC OS under emulation" option may even entice a few old Acorn staff out from wherever they're hiding. With the evolution of RISC OS on new platforms, the continued maintenance of applications can only be a good thing for users. And for those applications which are 26/32-bit neutral, this will be good news too for users of RISCOS Ltd's RISC OS SIX.

Threads 37
Posts 92

Comments on Roadmap (ROOL forum)

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