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A few more games are available for download from

A 720Mhz BeagleBoard is recommended for Ri-Li and Legend of Edgar. The rest
should be playable on a StrongARM RiscPC and up.

You might want to download the following if you haven't downloaded anything from before.

If anyone's got any requests for further games feel free to ask. See the The Linux Game Tome for inspiration.

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  new games

Excellent work on porting the new games to RISC OS! Have been having fun blasting things with Barrage. Any chance of porting the top down gaunlet-ish game Gladiator?

Played this in DOS in the past but now it is running on Linux

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You'll be glad to hear I've managed to port openglad. You can download from here,

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That's brilliant - thanks for the port, it's a great game. I've noticed on a couple of the ports there's a red/blue swapping issue on the Iyonix with the new style graphics card. Is there a way of sorting this ? Cheers

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Thanks for these games too!

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Two more games have been added to,


Openttd has been updated to 1.04-rc1
GLHack has been updated. The only change is it now runs on a beagleboard.

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