BeagleBoard-xM shipping - UK dealer offers accessory pack


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See the BeagleBoard for yourself at the forthcoming RISC OS London Show on Sat 23 Oct 2010!

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Having never seen or tried a beagleboard, how close are we to having an Iyonix replacement with the beagleboard?

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Not very at the moment, because so far nobody's managed to get RISC OS working on the -xM at all yet. See the ROOL thread for more details.

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Hopefully it wil be running soon. The earlier models appear to working with RISC OS - how close were they to be Iyo replacements?

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This is good news: the Beagleboard seems to be generally about twice as quick as the Iyo and is close to being a usable replacement (in terms of the RISC OS apps it can run). See
However, it appears that a case is not yet part of the 'dealer offer' referred-to above, and while the parts kit is an undoubted convenience, non-technical users like myself would probably require an approved casing option before taking the plunge. But considering where we were two years ago, with /zero/ likelihood of new hardware, this latest offer (and all the hard work put in on the BB and other ports) is very welcome!

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Thanks for the link, I'd missed that one. So seriously faster than the Iyonix which is great news, and probably makes it the fastest RISC OS platform out there. What I'd be really interested in is how the likes of Firefox or Cino runs on it. Chocky's latest Firefox was really good and ran pretty reasonably on the Iyonix - I'd like to see it on the Beagleboard.

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