RISC OS on BeagleBoard-xM first steps


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Jeffrey Lee, Steffen Huber, Grahame Parish and Chris Hall have been having a go at getting RISC OS running on the BeagleBoard-xM. So far it'll boot, but the video output isn't being transmitted correctly to the monitor.

However, output via the serial port shows the RISC OS Supervisor prompt being reached.

As ever, further testing and developer help is always welcomed.

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First ROM Image is available with the BeagleBoard-xM operating. See http://www.huber-net.de/beagle/ for mor detail. I hope the onboard Ehternet will be supported soon.

Threads 37
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  Minor hardware changes to -xM rev.B and beyond

As listed in the mailing list, hardware changes from rev.A2 to rev.B are as follows:

  • Changed silkscreen on L12 to R159 to reflect the usage of a resistor instead of an inductor. Resistor was used on Rev A2.
  • Changed routing on R66 and R68 to make them separate paths instead of parallel.
  • Added 33 ohm resistor R157 in series with MMC clock line. Not used on board, only for expansion.
  • Added R158 to allow isolation of drain pin on TPS2141. Loaded with zero ohm resistor.
  • Moved DVI_PUP pin to the TPS65950. No SW impact, however, updated SW can be used to turn of the DVI interface. (Electrical change from A2.)
  • Added R160 and R155 as a possible future option. Not populated on Rev A3.
  • Changed R120 to 0603 package to align with arts purchased.
  • Added R156 to remove the required lifting of U18 pin 4. Resistor is not loaded on Revision A3.

The suggestion of an isolating link to ease installation of the RTC battery will unfortunately not be included, unless there are other reasons to further revise the design.

Threads 37
Posts 92

Threads 37
Posts 92

Fret not, RISC OS has been tweaked to produce a working version on the latest board.

Threads 37
Posts 92

...And now there's a processor revision.

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