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The latest NetSurf test build includes a number of changes. Those specific to RISC OS include increased memory cache size and improvements to printing.

Testing of the latest build is positively encouraged. Please download it to fully appreciate the ongoing development being made to this essential piece of software.

Core improvements are listed as follows:

  • Improvements to float positioning
  • Fix absolute positioned inlines
  • Improve handling of percentage margins and paddings on floats
  • Fix several memory leaks
  • Rationalised memory allocation functions
  • Updated SSL root certificates
  • Fix handling of PNGs with zero data
  • Moved input handling into content handlers
  • Simplified browser window module
  • Fix table borders specified in em/ex units
  • Improved CSS content handling
  • Don't try to draw zero size images
  • Simplified and fixed save complete feature
  • Reduce frequency of cache clean attempts
  • Improve and optimise rendering of borders in HTML
  • Fix URL comparison issue
  • Improve object handling in HTML
  • Fix absolute positioned root element
  • Rewritten file: fetch handler for local URLs
  • Much improved directory listings for local file: paths
  • Improve handling of binary data in plain text renderer

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Nice one - great to see a new release of Netsurf for RISC OS. Is rendering pages even better than the last version, can confirm that the new BBC website works well

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