OMAP3 ROM image writer for SD cards


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On top of the continuing (and seemingly endless) development work on Shared Source RISC OS 5, Jeffrey Lee has now updated the SDCreate program for writing ROM images direct to SD cards.

This makes things much easier for users venturing into the world of OMAP3 hardware, e.g. BeagleBoards, IGEPs, DevKit8000s, Touch Books, Pandoras.

Threads 37
Posts 92

Note the recent update post and SDCreate page. The next time the build is done for ROOL ROM releases, SDCreate should also be included in the zipfile.

As stated in his post, Jeffrey's also updated the guidance on Using the Cortex-A8 port.

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  On the ROOL site

This is available in the OMAP ROM archive on the ROOL site.

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