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I'm fortunate to be attending the Ubuntu Developer Conference this week in Orlando, Florida (yes, it's hot here), based upon my ARM, Linux and Open Source work. This is a co-event with Linaro, which is a loose organization aligned with Canonical/Ubuntu to drive Linux ARM development between various vendors.

Obviously this is very much Linux oriented, and this is a RISC OS site, so I won't go into those details. However, some of the interesting highlights for ARM which might impact RISC OS in the future include:

  • Focus on GCC 4.4.4 as the basis of the toolchain.
  • Return to hard-float, leveraging NEON/VFP etc.
  • Targeting state of the art ARM processors - A8, A9 etc rather than legacy stuff.
  • Emphasis on ARM as a first class platform, for Ubuntu, servers and other systems, including native builds (much/most ARM development right now is cross-compilation, even on RISC OS).
  • ARM-specific optimization in various codec/graphics libraries and a general interest in pushing multimedia performance for ARM.

Looks like I'm also going to get a Genesi Smartbook, which is a credible target for a RISC OS port.

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So... which of this stuff should be added to the ROOL Roadmap and which will be down to third party applications etc. rather than the OS? In particular, to what extent is the last item "ARM-specific optimization in various codec/graphics libraries..." dependent upon (or would benefit from) OS support/interfacing?

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Merry Christmas Peter.

Did you get the Genesi Smartbook ?

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For info, porting of RISCĀ OS to the Genesi products is now being investigated as a hobby project by Genesi employee, Michael Grunditz! And there have also been recent announcements of forthcoming Linux shows.

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And I wonder what Linaro members/contributors think about this "24 things we'd change about Linux" list.

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