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Following the problems reported by NewsHound users connecting to the news servers at Demon and Virgin Media, I'm pleased to announce the release of NewsHound 1.52. This version provides the option to turn off the NEWGROUPS command -- removing the errors seen on attempting to fetch news (at the expense of no longer getting details of new newsgroups carried by the server).

Copies of the new version can be found on the RISC OS Internet Project's page on SourceForge:

Please read the details on that page, or the release notes in the archive, for guidance on updating your copy and disabling the NEWGROUPS command. By default, the command is still used: NewsHound 1.52 must be reconfigured before those experiencing problems will see any improvement.

Those using NewsHound as part of R-Comp's DialUp and NetFetch products may prefer to wait to hear from the company about the update, as I understand that they will be contacting registered users directly.

NewsHound is a usenet transport for RISC OS, which works with all the platform's main newsreaders. It was originally developed by Joseph Heenan -- to whom thanks are due for making it possible to release this update so quickly.

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