BB-xM onboard Ethernet support learning to run (after taking first steps)


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Thomas Milius has been doing a great deal of work on interfacing with the onboard NIC on the BeagleBoard-xM. When an official release is made, this will mean that a separate USB-over-Ethernet adapter is no longer required on the -xM. (This will always be the case with the original BeagleBoard, which doesn't have an Ethernet port.)

The current version of the module is still in beta state, and it's understood that some copyright issues also require addressing. It's also understood that there may be some speed increase offered. A number of testers are now successfully using the on-board Ethernet port.

Pending further discussions with James Peacock, an official release should hopefully follow some time soon.

Nice work!

Threads 37
Posts 92

The official alpha release of EherUSB v.0.10 is now available.

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