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  Pandora shipping usually within 7 days

Over on the Pandora boards, there's been much debate regarding a proposal to sell Insant Pandoras (at an increased price). The extra revenue generated should ensure the survival of the project, which risked not breaking even. The proposal seems to be going ahead, and such orders are now being taken.

The previously mentioned Pandora is designed primarily as a handheld gaming machine and uses the same Cortex-A8 technology as the BeagleBoard. Although the screen (at a resolution of 800 x 480) is small, it can still be used as a portable computer.

RISCĀ OS has been tried, so expect to see more developments in this area throughout 2011.

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Threads 37
Posts 92

(Please would an admin correct the quotes in that title? Thanks.)

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Sorry I failed to change the title

Threads 37
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  Testing "quotes" (no " used)

Thanks for trying. When I used "quotes" in the thread title, they appeared in the preview but disappeared (taking their contents with them) in the text input box. Using " produced " in both the preview and the text box so I went with that. Anyway, I'll try just " next time the opportunity arises! (I can sense I'm perhaps going to have a similar problem here with &#38!

Threads 37
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Well, &#38 worked... shame I forgot the closing bracket.

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