TBA Software return from the dead in 2011


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Alan Peters and TBA Software have returned! Alan recently placed this announcement on the ROOL forum. Keep an eye on the TBA Software blog for future developments.
"The original 3 man team (now based in Bristol, North Yorkshire, and Singapore!) are back together again [...]"
Work so far has resulted in the successful porting of old software to the ARMv7 machines, e.g.
  • Holograph (game editor)
  • TAG (game runtime 3D engine)

TBA Software plans to get other old titles running on RISC OS 5 and to then take a look at expanding Holograph and TAG into parts of the OS itself. They hope to release all their previous source code, which is pure assembler (compiled with the BASIC assembler).

As a possible source of income, the team is investigating creating a TAG runtime for the iPhone. They'll also be selling off plenty of old stock in due course, including Dragonball, Axis, Formula Two Thousand (FTT), Cyber Ape, Cobalt Seed, Command Ship, Merp/Mirror Image, Brutal Horse Power (BHP), and TBAFS.

In the longer term, the team would also like to contribute to the following:

  • Web browser
  • Threading
  • BASIC enhancements
  • Open GL
  • Hardware acceleration
Finally, Alan adds that:
"I'd love to get back in touch with Mark (Cyber Ape author) and anyone else that remembers us from days gone past."
Thanks so much for returning to the scene

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