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The newly re-formed TBA Software have released a 32-bit only version of TBAFS.

This version will not work on 26bit RISC OS systems (pre-Iyonix) and has only been tested on RISC OS 5.17. Remember, this is still a Beta and will most probably have a few bugs.

TBAFS is a high performance image file system, with optional squash compression, particularly useful for backups. It features long file name support, unlimited files per directory, fast indexed directory structure, and lazy write-back caching. This version does not include journalling or any kind of internal resilience - so we would not recommend you store anything particularly valuable in it.

For more information and to download this new release, visit TBA's website.

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The version for 26bit machines is now available. This is the original version 1.01, as released in 1996. It requires the Acorn toolbox modules for the desktop front end.

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