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ROOL is hereby pledging to match, pound for pound, the first £1000 donated into our bounty scheme, spread across all bounties.

This means that every £1 you donate is worth £2 to a developer who implements your chosen bounty. It also means that it's in your interest to donate early, while this money is still available! We will keep the remaining amount available visible on the bounty page so you have some idea how much longer you can take advantage of this scheme.

There is one exception: we won't be matching donations to the RISC OS Open administration bounty, since this would just be paying money back into the same fund from which we're making the matched donations, so this would be pointless!

We will be starting by matching the donations already made into the bounty scheme. The donation matching process will be performed manually by ROOL staff so don't be surprised if it takes a few days before the matching donation from ROOL appears in the relevant pot!

For more information, please take a look here.


The ROOL Team

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£505 now matched; £495 left!

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