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MBBack, the backdrop maniac's backdrop randomiser, has received a major update and bugfix, taking it to version 2.10.

MBBack is a script-based program with a very large number of features, both obscure and esoteric, and useful and surprisingly rare. Among other things, it can scale images without distortion, never choose the same backdrop twice more frequently than absolutely necessary, and convert all filetypes to sprites for greater speed.

New in this release is an almost completely rewritten source file interpreter, offering far more features (and far fewer misfeatures) than previously, a number of bugs fixed (such as intermittently failing to detect screen mode changes), and capability to work with a greater range of screen modes, such as 256 greys and - at last, I don't know why it took me so long either - 64,000 colours.

In short, compared to the last version, it's rather spiffy. My existing user should upgrade, and anyone else should at least reject it again.

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