RISC OS London Show - Saturday 29th October 2011


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This year's RISC OS London Show will be taking place on Saturday 29th October 2011, returning again to the St Giles Hotel in Feltham.

We will have on display machines from right back at the start of Acorn with the System range, all the way through to the "so new it hasn't even been released yet" Raspberry Pi!

ROUGOL are very excited to have on display a development version of the Raspberry Pi, the soon to be release $25 computer designed to kickstart the next generation of bedroom coders in the same way that the BBC Micro did back in the 80s. Will it be running RISC OS by the time of the show? You will just have to turn up to find out :-)

There will be the usual range of hardware and software upgrades for the RiscPC and Iyonix, plus the newest and fastest RISC OS machine in the ARMini. Exhibitors include both regulars and first timers, and more are being added all the time so keep an eye on the latest list here:


As with previous years we are providing free hobbyist stands, so if
you have written some software or make an unusual use of existing
applications and would like to demonstrate it, then contact us ASAP
before all the space is gone.


Finally, if you have your own website please help to advertise the
show by including one of our banners that can be downloaded from here:


All the details are on the show website:


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  show report?

Any chance of a show report? I was there from 3 onwards but missed all the theatre talks. Seemed at least as busy/busier than last year though.

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