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I have released version 1.10 of DirSync. This release is the first
one to use the RISC OS package manager, RiscPkg. To install it, you
must use one of the packagemanagers, like Alan Buckley's PackMan.
You download that here.
Or you can read more about RiscPkg here or here.

New features in this version:

  • DirectSync, the ability to synchronise without needing to compare the directories beforehand.
  • Compiled to be ARMv7 compatible (BeagleBoard).


  • Using 'confirm overwrites' caused a crash.
  • Adding exclude-directories with the keyboard didn't work properly.
  • Comparing two image FS files with the setting 'Treat image FSs as files' did not work.
  • Applications with a very long name caused a crash.
  • When synchronising when using "force", files were marked readonly. This caused problems for Fat32fs.
  • Selecting directories recursively selected always everything when used on the very first line.
  • On some filingsystems, DirSync crashed when the disc became full.
  • Page up/down scrolled more than a visible page.

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