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PDFTools is a set of command line utilities (based on Poppler) for getting information from PDF (Portable Document Format)
documents or converting them to other formats:

  • pdfdetach -- embedded file extractor
  • pdffonts -- font analyzer
  • pdfimages -- image extractor
  • pdfinfo -- document information
  • pdfseparate -- PDF page extractor
  • pdftohtml -- PDF to HTML converter
  • pdftoppm -- PDF to PPM/PNG/JPEG image converter
  • pdftops -- PDF to PostScript (PS) converter
  • pdftotext -- text extraction
  • pdfunite -- PDF file merger

PDFTools can be downloaded from riscos.info here.

PDFTools is based on the Poppler PDF rendering library. Further information is available here.

Highlights of the tools:

pdfseparate can be used to extract one or more pages from a PDF file and write one PDF file for each page. pdfunite
can then be used to join them back together in the required order to create a single PDF file.

pdftops reads the PDF file and outputs a postscript file. Any embedded jpegs are kept in their original format thus
reducing the size of the generated postscript file.

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