Charm version 2.6.3 released


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Posts 27 Charm] version 2.6.3 the set of high level language tools and demos for RISC-OS computers and emulators is now freely available under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 license.

Via the Charm web-site you can:

  • Learn what Charm is and how to use it to develop programs.
  • Learn how to set up a free PC based environment in which to run Charm.
  • Download and install the Charm tools and demos and build the Charm tool source code.
  • Leave or view comments on the RISC OS Charm Language Users group on facebook.

This maintenance release simplifies the project directory structure by removing lst directories and making arm directories optional, and for consisistency with the rest of the language now uses curly braces for bracketing assembler source following the "inline" directive.

Unpack the charm directory from the download zip archive using !SparkFS on to your RISC-OS drive taking care to save any user projects from a previous release beforehand. Then optionally follow the web site instructions to target the VFP if it is available in order to speed up floating point operations.

See the Charm web site for more information.

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