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!WinShell is an attempt to allow RISC OS users to create Wimp based Applications using a scripting language.

It is available to download from https://sourceforge.net/projects/riscoswinshell/

Or SVN via

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/riscoswinshell/code/ winshell-code

Initially the focus was on creating Wimp based applications exploiting command line programs.

I was working on the application at the time my Acorn Archimedies died in a house move some twenty years ago. With the new interest in RISC OS generated by Raspberry Pi I have decided to make it Open Source. I don't intend to do more work on it as I now longer use RISC OS, but by making it Open Source I hope others will be interested enough to develop it or find it useful.

There is currently no documentation so one has to look at the script file in !grep and !WinShell to find out what script facilities there are.

!WinShell is just there to demo various script functions. As an Open Source Application it really needs the following

1) Somebody to write up some documentation. not only of the script facilities, but also to use a template editors, sprite editor, !boot and !run files etc.

2) Develop some more applications that exploit the script approach

3) Develop the script facilities.

Thanks for reading Keith Sloan

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