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After ten months of development AmCoG games ( have released their first game for RISC OS.

The game was officially launched at the Wakefield 2015 show where it was available to buy on CD.

The game is called "Overlord" and is now available to download from the PlingStore priced at 9.99ukp.

A 2.5D/3D space shoot-em-up game in the style of Gyrus/Tempest featuring 47 minutes of original music including 7 in-game themes, original sound effects and graphics.

Beginner and Master modes are included. The game features multiple missions including 'power-ups' (Warp drive, smart bombs etc) as well as worm holes, time bombs, mini black holes and more.

The source code is also included (see !RunImage in the !Overlord directory).

Written on a Raspberry Pi 1 and tested on a Raspberry Pi 2, Beagleboard, Pandaboard, Iyonix, Virtual Acorn SA (running 4.02) and ARM X6.

The game can also be optionally played in French or German.

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