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I've made an updated test version of Firefox available; this is still a work in progress, but it might be interesting for people to see what I'm doing - this version includes some image handling memory and speed improvements.

More details in the GCCSDK thread.

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  Updated Firefox

Have briefly tested the latest test release on the following sites: The Independent ( Barclays online banking (, The Autocar ( Responsiveness seems better than the latest stable release and it was stable - it rendered the Barclays login page which failed with the last stable FF release ( and the previous threaded* version - but in all cases the scrollbars were completely non-functional, both slider and up/down arrows. The Independent's main page rendered in negative. System: latest Tinct and System modules, RO513, 512MB RAM. Good to see development continuing.
(*I assume the latest test release is also threaded due to the 18MB Bin module, but the announcement doesn't specify)

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  Binary size

> I assume the latest test release is also threaded due to the 18MB Bin module

Please can we not go on about the application size. It is irrelevant to any of the issues, and has only caused much confusion. Identification of any particular version should be on the basis of version number, or in the case of test versions, perhaps the date.

In any case, thanks for your other feedback.

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