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This is a list, in no particular order, of RISC OS sites which have remained static for long periods of time, and could do with an update. Of course, what constitutes "static" is a matter of perception, and I've avoided sites which are purely "personal" pages, which often have reason to not be updated for lengths of time. Naturally, this list is incomplete.

Finally, a summary of all domains starting with 'riscos'.

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Thanks for the nudge. I've updated to make the information on it more current; it's late so I'll probably re-read it when I'm more awake later and improve it further.

PS: I think it's a bit cold to criticise for the very obvious reason.

Threads 142
Posts 149

No criticism mentioned nor implied for any sites (except where I might have mentioned elsewhere, such as possible improvements to myriscos). Just a hope that someone might take up its maintenance.

Haven't looked at your changes, but glad you took notice.

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