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ROOL mention that they are no longer VAT registered so you don't have to pay 15% on purchase.

Actually, the only item ROOL presently has for sale is the C/C++ tools, which is 50 GBP, now sans VAT.

Also, they've updated the RISC OS 5.15 Iyonix test ROM image, which I'm now running, to avoid previous BASIC issues. Find it on the downloads page.

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  Newer version....

I did a new set of autobuilds last night so the Beagleboard ROM (OMAP) should now have exceptions switched on for unaligned loads.

In human speak: some types of code that used to be OK on older ARM chips will break on the new one in the Beagleboard. This new ROM image will cause the machine to throw and exception when it sees a particularly nasty case - this will make the job of the developers easier when debugging these prolbems. In turn, hopefully we can make a lot of existing software work reliably on the new machine(s).

With previous ROM builds for the Beagleboard, the ARM chip would simply execute the dodgy code but behave differently to how older ARMs behaved, resulting in (probably) very odd behaviour which could take a while to crash later in a way that is hard for a developer to understand.

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