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As a repeat of an event in previous years, riscos.info is offering to port to Open Source games to RISC OS. There are no hard and fast rules about what might be acceptable (although the source must of course be available). SDL-based games are an excellent choice, since this avoids a number of portability problems. First person shooters, and other games making use of OpenGL etc however, tend to be impractical. You could even suggest updated versions of previous RISC OS games.

Because things have moved on in the hardware world, I'm not going to be concerned about performance on RiscPCs. Instead, we want games that will play OK on Iyonix, A9 and BeagleBoard. They could even run slowly on Iyonix if they work ok on BeagleBoard.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

Here are games that riscos.info already hosts

So, leave your ideas here. We'll choose a couple of items based upon practicality and popularity. They'll be released around Christmas.

As a sanity check/time saver for any suggestions, try and include a URL both to the game's homepage and its source.

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  Some game ideas

=== Worms type games

==== Hedgewars

The FAQ says what's it uses SDL but maybe the Qt thing is a problem?

==== Wormux

=== Lemmings type games

==== Pingus

=== Command & Conquer type games

==== Bos Wars

Requirements are listed here: http://www.seul.org/viewcvs/viewcvs.cgi/*checkout*/bos/trunk/doc/install.html?root=BosWars

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Scorched3D is a 3D Worms variant. I've played it, and it's quite good fun. http://www.scorched3d.co.uk

Chromium BSU is a simple shoot-em-up. http://www.reptilelabour.com/software/chromium/

My final suggestion is FreeOrion, a Master of Orion clone. http://www.freeorion.org

Still haven't spotted any good opinball games anywhere, and in the absence of such I think I'd prefer a version of Worms. Which is better of Scorched3D, Hedgewars and Wormux, I don't really know.

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I would be awesome running Maze of Galious on a real RISC OS machine. I love this game very much and played it may times as a child.

So my suggestion:
Remake of Maze of Galious. http://www.braingames.getput.com/mog/.
It's source can be found here.

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  wesnoth update

Any chance of an update of Wesnoth to the latest version 1.6.5 ? Wesnoth was one of the best games out on RISC OS in recent years, and surely the first to allow online multi-platform play. Also thanks for the great work on FreeCiv, a pity it's so addictive !


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I'd also like to have the Maze of Galious ported, it was always fun to play this game.

The remake is using SDL, so a port shouldn't be very difficult...

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An updated port of Wesnoth is in progress by Alan, but we are battling some technical issues.

Scorched3D is likely impractical due to 3D requirements. Increasingly, SDL things rely also on freetype, pango, etc, and we don't have a complete solution for those yet. Still, I will see what can be done.

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  Free Orion

Good luck with the Wesnoth port. I'd second FreeOrion if it is do-able, Master of Orion II was a total classic, although I seem to remember the last version sucked pretty bad

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