RISC OS Developers pick up BeagleBoard purchases


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Adrian Lees is the latest RISC OS developer to own to up getting a BeagleBoard, but also recently in the RISC OS Open forums we see Chris Gransden, Terje Slettebø, Uwe Kall and others.

For myself, I don't really need or want any more computer hardware, although I may yet get a Pandora although the video out situation on that makes it less suitable for an Iyonix replacement. I certainly expect to use my now 7 year old Iyonix for a while longer.

What is your plan to replace your RISC OS hardware?

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  RISC OS Developers pick up Beagleboard purchases

Likewise, I have no immediate plan to replace my Iyonix. That said, I regard the possibility of newer/faster hardware as crucial to the platform's future, and am willing to support this financially.
For me the key requirements are that the new device should support keyboard, mouse, display (at reasonable resolution, say 1680 x 1050 or similar) and usb peripherals (scanner, printer, memory stick/card reader) AND run the software I currently use (including !Printers, Firefox, Netsurf, Artworks, Photodesk, Messenger Pro, Draw, Paint, Edit, Ovation Pro, DPingscan, Thump and Easiwriter as a minimum) and I also use some 26-bit apps (Rhapsody, Eureka) so Aemulor would be needed as well. Not sure how tall an order this would be, but without these elements I'd have an experimental, rather than a working, system basically.

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  Hardware Investment

Well, although I own a RiscPC, it is purely for nostalgic reasons, and never really gets switched on. I use RISC OS using emulation, as it currently provides the best performance at the right price point.

However, once an ARM machine is available that is fast enough for doing everyday tasks such as web browsing, watching videos and alike, then I'll invest in some new hardware. A single-core cortex-A9 seems to offer twice the performance of a Cortex-A8, and I fully expect plenty of A9 devices being launched during 2010.

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