Another ARM Netbook for RISC OS? Well, maybe


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There's been quite a bit of coverage of the $80 Menq ARM Netbook. In the linked video review, it is running WinCE, but it allegedly can also run Android (which means a Linux kernel).

As a guideline, WinCE devices tend to poor choices for a RISC OS port, since the hardware is typically closed, with little information. If it runs Linux, however the converse is usually true. Android devices sometimes have binary-only drivers, so may fit somewhere in the middle.

As for the Menq device, it's probably quite slow, and the Touch Book probably remains a far better choice for a RISC OS port, especially since RISC OS already runs on the very similar BeagleBoard hardware. maintains a list of ARM System on chips devices, which can serve as a starting point for deciding if a given device is suitable for RISC OS.

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