11 Years of RISCOS Ltd.


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In a newsletter from ROL, they note 11 years since Acorn's workstations divisions closure and the creation of RISCOS Ltd.

ROL note they'll be attending the Midland User Group Christmas show this Saturday 5th December, and the RISC OS South West Show in February 2010.

Select Pricing
ROL also remind us of the new Select pricing structure:

  • Single User RISC OS Six for 39 GBP. Upgrade with the difference within 30 days to get a full 6 or 12 month subscription.
  • 12 month subscription remains at 99 GBP.
  • 6 month subscription at 55 GBP.

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The Wessex Arm User Group states the RISC OS South West Show as being on Saturday 20th February.

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  RE: 11 Years of RISCOS Ltd.

The official RISC OS South West Show 2010 website has been spotted.

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