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The Pandora is of course very similar to the BeagleBoard to which RISC OS 5 is being actively ported.

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  OpenPandora news, mass production soon

Great news !

"Hello everyone, Craig here,

This is the last OpenPandora newsletter before we start shipping Pandora consoles to customers.

Yes, we have finally, after a lot of serious tweaking, decided the Pandora
is ready to roll.

You will have already seen all the videos, the emulators, the various game
ports, Firefox, they are on the website if you have not.

Just before we get going, how about one more? The Pandora running a Dreamcast

Right, now, this email is about what happens next.

Well the Pandora is being made in Dallas, Texas, USA. We decided not to go down
the usual 'Made in China' route. It might cost a little more but we believe
the level of service you will get from us will be far greater due to this.

For those of you who still want a Pandora from the first batch there is a small
number (about 100) still available to preorder, on a first come first served
basis, at $330 each, if you want one email:
These are limited to one per customer.

We are also able to offer a very limited number of consoles to web stores (less
than 150), again on a first come basis.

There won't be another batch until 2010.

So, between now and then, what's going to happen?

Currently we have 105 test mass production Pandoras, as well as numerous full
pre-production Pandora consoles. A lot of these are with developers who are
working on software, you will have seen a lot of it in the videos we have
posted on youtube.

In October the factory will start to populate 4000 Pandora PCBs, this will be a
slow process at first which will become substantially faster after the initial
800. As the PCBs are completed, they are tested then put in to cases, boxed up
and shipped out to you.

After we ship the first 4000 units , and before the second batch, we will then
be concentrating on software development, looking after the current customers
and, well, trying to make the Pandora the best open hand held ever made.

Also consider that there is still nothing like the Pandora on the market;
digital dpad, dual analogue nubs, qwerty keyboard, 800*480 touch screen, over
10 hours of battery life and lots more, we think you will really like it.

So, you can finally sit back, be happy and join the fun on the forums at or our fancy new website


Craig and the OpenPandora team.

PS if you got this email more than once I'm really sorry, new website teething problems!"

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