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After some prodding on TIB, Andrew Hodgson came forward as maintainer of the site, and refers to discussion on the Stairway to Hell site.

Andrew Hodgson should not be confused with the similarly named Andrew Hodgkinson of RISCOS Open (and formerly an employee of the historic Acorn Computers).

It's unclear what this group hopes to achieve, or who else might be behind it. It wouldn't be the first time a group of Acorn/RISC OS enthusiasts came together to try and give some direction to the community ( itself being broadly in such a category, as well as RISCOS Open), but many have failed to do anything of substance.

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As explained in an email to Jason Togneri (posted publicly on TIB), Andy Hodgson and co. have been halted by a lack of interest and licensing troubles (amongst other discouraging issues).

This is a real shame as they had some innovative ideas and plenty of goodwill.

Threads 142
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I don't agree. The guy was taking on way too much, and was clearly disorganized. He hadn't done much research into RISC OS, and ultimately didn't produce anything concrete. The final email is typical of these situations - and we've seem plenty similar before in RISC OS - trying to blame others, when the problem was all his.

It was a scam, even if an unintentional one.

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